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Feb 15,  · If you Google this phrase "metatrader4 platform ban in Singapore", you can also find people talking about it. You can use MT4 to monitor the price movement . Forex Trading Singapore Every day, currency prices either appreciate or depreciate in value. In other words, the value of a currency price either increases or decreases.

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For example the famous MT4 trading platform is a trading software that is used by hundreds of different Forex brokers. At the same time AvaTrade Forex broker is offering its traders both Metatrader 4 and AvaTrader trading platforms.

A Forex trading platform is responsible for your feeling of comfort when trading and provides you with trading features, instruments and tools needed for your trading in Forex and other financial markets. At the same time a Forex broker is responsible for the security of your funds, reliability, currency rates and other trading conditions. Very often you can see that one broker offers different trading platforms or the same Forex trading platform is used by different brokers.

For example the famous MT4 trading platform is a trading software that is used by hundreds of different Forex brokers. As a matter of fact eToro is one of the most popular Forex brokers with over 4 million traders. The company has developed a huge network of online traders who communicate, exchange ideas and trade together. If we talk about Forex brokers for displaying prices and execution of orders, you need to distinguish between a market maker, a dealing desk, an STP and an ECN brokers.

The dealing desk and market maker brokers usually make profit out of the loss of the traders. They bid on the fact that most of the traders loose money in Forex trading and take their loss as their own income. But on the other hand the biggest disadvantage of trading with a market maker broker is the security of your funds as this broker is not interested in you making profit in Forex trading. Such broker manipulates the market and may offer its own currency rates that are not necessary to be the real rates of the Forex market.

The STP Straight Through Processor and the ECN Electronic Communication Network brokers work on a different principle and do not play against the client because such brokers are not involved in the definition of quotations, they only reflect the price of their liquidity providers and earn the spread difference between the buy and sell rates of the currency pairs.

There are a number of Forex brokers and Financial companies operating in Singapore, you can find different types of them using different trading platforms. On our website we recommend only reliable companies that offer the security of your funds and trading orders. If you are about to start trading Forex it is very important to define your needs and expectations from both a Forex trading platform and a Forex broker.

Thus you will be able to find the best combination that will provide you with great trading services and security of your transactions. Expert Advisors Download and explore automated trading strategies or create your own. Custom indicators Analyse price movement and trends with indicators customised to your needs. Professional charting Access a vast array of timeframes and charts with the MT4 charting package.

Test drive an MT4 trading account. Professional charting package Deal directly through charts with a vast array of technical indicators, chart types, drawing tools and timeframes. Open a live account in minutes. Order execution tools Multiple order types Add buy and sell stops and limits and pending orders easily when you place a trade.

Advanced orders Trailing stops available to help enhance your risk management strategy. Partial close Scale out of trades easily by closing out your trade incrementally.

Hedging tools Go long and short simultaneously, with hedging enabled on all MT4 accounts.

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By trading with a broker who offers the use of an Electronic Communications Network ECN to their clients, the trader can be connected with other buyers and sellers of currency pairs. I love their trading platform, it is easy to use and has advanced features as well.

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