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CCI Woodie trading.

Woodie (Ken Wood) created the Woodies CCI trading system and the Woodies CCI Club trading room. You can find his website at with lots of documents, audio and video lectures, CCI trading information and other useful links to front-end tools and charting setups. Woodies CCI is a momentum indicator that was developed by Ken Woods. It's based on a 14 period Commodity Channel Index (CCI).It's a fully unbounded oscillator with a base value of 0 and has no lower or upper limit.

Super Woodies CCI is based on the the standard Commodity Channel Index. The CCI is an indicator which comes pre-installed on metatrader platforms and is an oscillator originally introduced by Donald Lamber in the 80s. It is a typical oscillating indicator where above a certain level it is considered overbought and below, oversold.

Finally, the ADX Candles. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: If the All woodies cci v1. If the ADX Candles turns lime, it signals a bulls market. If the red EMA 50 line forms below price candles and a candlestick opens and closes above its line, it depicts a bullish market. Watch for the red bars and LimeGreen line of the All woodies cci v1.

If the red EMA 50 line forms above price bars, it is a signal that price pressures are in favor of a downward push. For a one time special price, we can easily purchase these magic trading indicators that unlock the riches of the universe. For just a small monthly fee, all of our financial problems are a thing of the past. I have written extensively about these indicators hustlers, in their many shapes and varieties.

Why not just begin this review by simply talking about Woodie? Because you really need to understand the history of the CCI, and the swamp that this Woodie character crawled out of. Selling the dream to a bunch of naive newbie traders since This flim flam man has been around, selling the trading dream since Pacman was popular.

Woodies hustle is selling that old, tired, and thoroughly debunked CCI trading indicator with a lemony twist. Why do I say worthless?

Because the very moment that his strategies are programmed and tested, a person will quickly realize that his trading indicators simply do not pass beyond random output. In other words, its just more worthless dribble from yet another market fortune teller that has no scientific evidence to support his claims. In my opinion, absolutely. For years I have watched this guy appeal to the newbie trader and frustrated trader alike, conveying to the audience that if this nice old guy can do it with his magic indicator, then so can you.

Woodie loves to portray himself as this harmless, paternal, grandfatherly type guy, just a lovable guy looking to help traders be successful. The inclusion of these visual markers are quite simply, nothing more a distraction from what is outrageously obvious. And the outrageously obvious is quite clear, there is nothing published that talks about Woodies own personal trading performance.

Does he even have a funded trading account? Does he have any sort of verifiable track record? Is there any proof that for the past 40 years this guy has ever made an annual profit? A lot of you are going to be pissed off at me for going after the lovable Woodie. He reminds us all of our beloved Grandpa.

We all trusted and loved grandpa. He showed us the proper usage of sand paper, and how to tie a knot to a fishing hook, and how to say thank you and be a cordial person. Yep, I loved my grandpa just as much as you did. But for just a moment, lets gets tough on Grandpa.

Lets trip him at the top of the stairs. Lets hide his dentures for a day. Put his eyeglasses in the refrigerator.

Let the dog run off with his hearing aid. Lets get tough on old Woody and try and figure if this trading grandpa has anything beneficial to offer to the trading community. The only way to know for sure?

We need individual trading performance from Woody. For the past three months, using over a dozen aliases and multiple angles of inquiry, I have attempted to answer this simple and incredibly basic question…does Woody even trade? After being repeatedly ignored, Woodie will finally respond and direct any interested person towards one of two different trading products. Any live trading in this room?

What these newbies really need and want is to watch the master trade himself. And Woodie is more than happy to oblige…for an additional fee. This might sound like a great deal, however upon closer inspection, a person with a brain the size of a Spanish peanut can quickly ascertain that they are accepting all of the risk and Woody has zero risk. Woody flails away inside of his trading room, using only a simulator, trying to produce a winning day with various simulated trading symbols.

And we all know how limit orders can be manipulated. Does Woodie have a track record for his live trading room? Or a random picture on twitter that supposedly showcases how much money he is making. The best you can offer is a random tweet every 3 months?

Where is the spreadsheet of trades called inside of your trading signal service? You want the trading community to risk our hard earned money on your magic trading indicators and your carnival pricing plan, yet cannot even afford us the most basic dignity of disclosing a trading track record? As I watched this Woodie character operate inside of the trading room, I simply could not believe that any sane minded person would fall for this doddering old huckster. There was, as there always is, a question of whether his trading room follows actually made any money from his system.

His system was based on trading patterns on the CCI indicator. This could involved drawing trendlines on the peaks and watch for a break up above the line just as you would a price trendline. Further, traders used the number of bars that have been above or below as a signal of trend direction. Naturally when you are trading patterns divergences become very important also. The problem is Woodies CCI trading system has been around for a while now and all the information has been chopped and reprinted etc so with out being part of Woodies trading forum and learning directly for him or other traders that have learnt from him it is hard to know exactly what were his original ideas and what has been added by other traders.

This indicator is attached to the chart below with the original CCI below it.

February 17, After many attempts, and requests to validate his personal trading, Woodie simply refuses to verify his own personal trading record.

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I am amazed he is still running.

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