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Top 4 Apps for Forex Traders

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Dec 27,  · Trading Forex Online memakai Aplikasi Metatrader 4 di Hp android & bagaimana memasang Stop loss(SL),Take Profit(TP),Dan indikator lainnya secara umum. The Top 5 Most Useful Android Apps For Forex Trading. Last Updated: March 15, by Hugh Kimura. But if you are an Android fan and a Forex trader, then this list is for you. 5. Bloomberg. Bloomberg is one of my favorite news sources and I .

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Top 4 Apps for Forex Traders. J.B. Maverick. The major currency pairs traded in the forex market are active, often volatile, event-driven and therefore very vulnerable to .

This simple app can come in handy if you ever need a reliable currency converter. Supporting over different currencies, this app can convert from anything to anything else in the blink of an eye.

Also, as part of the latest updates, it now supports real-time charts and historical data. Being developed by Apple, the app has a premium build and it works flawlessly. This is a very simple to use app that can keep you informed of all the changes between different currencies.

Forex trading is all about anticipating when a currency will be best to buy, so that, in comparison to another currency, you will be able to sell it off for a profit.

But knowing when the time is right to make your move is more of an art, and if you know every event and news article about finances and other related areas, you will be able to make great decisions. This app is a great news app for forex Traders. MBT Mobile is a well known name for Forex traders, as this awesome app allows them to view their account balances easily and also provides top notch information in real time for those who want to be on the lookout for the deal of a lifetime.

Also, it allows users to customize what currencies they see, so they can focus on the ones that count. Even though this app is still in its infancy, it still deserves the attention of interested Forex traders. It features all the ususal features that one might find in any of the other apps, and all of these goodies are wrapped in a very well designed user interface that looks good and moves fast.

Although each of these apps are very well designed and they provide top notch services to all their users, keep in mind that the world of Forex trading is constantly on the move and it pretty hard to get started. Do lots of research before you try to give it a shot. Also, for those that have been in this business for some time now, they will find these Forex apps very useful, as they provide everything from news to daily currency rates and all kinds of other useful information.

Skip to content Many people have made and lost fortunes by trading on the well known Forex market , and thanks to its success, many developers have created apps for those who want to try their luck at currency exchange. Best Apps for Forex users Image Credit: Alphaquantfx As mentioned before, there are lots of Forex apps out there.

This provides you with easy in-depth analysis of technical strategies with the use of pre-made chart-in-chart function. Best of all, MetaTrader 5 is offered for free! You also get the OANDA advantage with its tight spreads and trading advantages, and the ability to limit order and follow and set profit levels. Best Android Apps reports that traders who are meticulous about keeping tabs of the historical movement of exchange rates would find aCurrency as a very useful app.

Its currencies are updated in real-time, while you're logged on the Net. However, another invaluable feature is that, if you are beyond reach of the Internet, its offline access takes charge.

According to DotTech, you are able to convert currencies even without Internet access because the currency rates are downloaded every time you are logged on to the Net. Of course, this may mean that no Internet for an hour would mean you'll be working with hour-late rates, but the moment you're back online, you can be updated with real-time amounts.

The clean and user-friendly interface also allows anyone who wants to explore the industry of Forex at a glance would be delighted with aCurrency.

By Gel Galang gelgalang on January 24 9: MBT Mobile The Web Programs lists the MBT Mobile as one of the most reliable forex apps for Android, since it provides real-time information, enabling traders on the go to keep tabs on their accounts anytime, anywhere. MetaTrader 5 While some assume that this is just a slightly altered version of the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 brings more benefits to the table. Oanda FxTrade for Android Forexspace. Uber Australia and New Zealand to ban riders with low ratings.

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You're on the move and so are the markets. Management of multiple accounts, for example, is now easier and quicker with the introduction of the Navigator.

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